B6 C23!

Hi, everyone!

New chapter is out!

It’s the shortest one we had in quite a while, but I missed a lot of things at work and in my course when I was sick, and had to spend the last week making up for it. Next week, though, two chapters are on their way. I’m not sure when I’ll release them, whether in the same day or not. We will see.

Till then, hope that you’ll enjoy the new chapter!

Chapter 23

Bk 6, Cr 22

Know that I missed a chapter last week and probably a lot of comments, if not here than in the other sites I publish the story, but previous week I got sick and my laptop stopped working. Not feeling good I had not patience going to fix my laptop and so I missed a chapter.

That being said, I promised to return to a chapter a week, thus I will compensate a second chapter either in this coming week or next one.

Chapter 22

Book 6 Chapter 20!

Hi, everyone!

Been a reallyyyyyyyyyyyy long time since the last chapter. Well, today you get him, and next week another one, and the week after that, as well!

No more a chapter every second week!

For now I’m coming with a chapter per week!

As for how this first week of training been to me?


Although I went through several days of muscles cramps, when they occurred I spent time swimming instead of running or lifting.

So invigorating!

Chapter 20