3 thoughts on “B8 C4!

  1. Ando

    You are cruel I tell you using the word CORPSE not nice. It’s going to be a long week to wait for the next chapter. Bet the locals are surprised when the corpse talks. Another life lesson for Zax get information before entering into the unknown, knowledge is as important as strength another insight learnt the hard way.

    1. Lonahora Post author

      Mistakes are in abundance with this one, but some day he will learn, or not… I sometimes feels like Zax takes the reins and writing his own story, so in return I like to remind him that life ain’t that easy.

  2. Ando

    I’ve read that’s the way most great stories go they write themselves when the author get in the groove and there’s no doubt that this is a great story. We haven’t had any insight to what Zax’s soul and the panorama looks like now after consuming the dae,broke though and got the rest of the message from the entity. Also just realized he’s rich can afford to get healing pills to recover quickly.


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